We Invented The First Technique In The World To Can Food Using Aluminum Retort Pouch Inside A Small Sterilizer

For The First Time In The World – Millions of poor people and SME can open small food canning factory from home cheaply and viably.Before, Sterilizer can only process expensive bottle and tin can. Aluminium Retort Pouch –Will burst if processed using the Steam Sterilizer Technique Due to Pressure Differential !!!!

Current Situation

Previously it cost about RM500,000 – RM2,000,000 in order for one to start a Food Canning Business using a large Retort Chamber.

Note : This canning set is to be used for Home Business ONLY
Not for use in a factory.
Estimated Monthly Gross Profit For User

* Each Cycle = Process 60-70 Packets.
* If 1 Packet Profit=RM1.50

1 Day (60xRM1.50) RM90
1 Month (1 cycle) RM2,700
1 Month (2 cycle) RM5,400
2 Month RM10,800
Who Can Benefit From This Technology/ Target Market?
  1. New SME– Food Canning/Frozen Food
  2. Fisherman/Farmer
  3. Restaurant / Canteen / Food Stall
  4. Single Mothers / Poor People/ Unemployed/
  5. All Housewive (Food Stock/ No Need To Cook Often)
  6. NGO Civil Defence Disaster & War
  7. All Mosque ( Aqeqah )
  8. Millions of Cooperative And All Its Members Worldwide.
Retort Process – 5 Easy Steps
  1. Weighing
  2. Filling
  3. Sealing Vertical Continuous Band Sealer
  4. Retort Process (final process)